Say no to swine flu vaccine

So my daughter came home the other day with fever followed by head ache the throat , cough blah blah.  Of course I go into panic mode, Swine flu? I call the doctor. He said not to give her the Tamiflu so she does not build up resistance. I monitored her she was sick for few days, but recovered on her own. I think Swine flu is serious. I think It can kill people. But I think it is over rated. I know that they are making the vaccine free so that people won’t say the pharmaceutical industries are trying to make money on the vaccine. But what about on Tami flu? they are making tons of money on that.
The mercury content on this vaccine is way high. I do not believe it is even FDA approved. Not to mention they made it too fast . The side effects can be horrible.
now check out this guy and tell me what you guys think about this. I want to know what everyone else thinks about this. Watch this guy


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